Rent and payment

You will find your rental invoice in the customer portal and the due date is clearly stated in the details of the invoice. You will receive an email from us when there is an invoice to pay in the customer portal. Note that it is the responsibility of each tenant to make sure that the rent is paid in time.


A refundable deposit of SEK 2000 is always charged. For further information about the deposit and the deposit return, please see this link.

Short stay fee

Generally, KI Housing does not offer accommodation for shorter stays than one month. In exceptional cases, a non-refundable short stay fee is added for administrative and operative costs.

What does the rent include?

The rent includes water, heating and electricity. However, if the cost for electricity exceeds the cost of normal electricity consumption, this will be charged to the tenant. We therefore recommend you not to use additional radiators as these tend to affect the cost for electricity.

When will I receive my first rental invoice?

The first rental invoice that includes the refundable deposit will be due on the starting date of your contract. You will receive an email from us when you have an invoice to pay in the customer portal.

During the rest of your stay, the rent is to be paid in advance for the following month.

How is the rent calculated?

The rent is charged per month. For information about how the rent is calculated if you move in and/or out in the middle of a calendar month, we refer to the information below.

Rent for the first and last month of the contract

The first and the last month, the rent is charged in accordance with the starting and ending dates of the contract. Rooms/apartments are rented for the full rental period stated in the contract with payment liability independent of the actual arrival and departure date.

For example, if you do not rent the room for a full calendar month in the beginning and/or end of your stay, the rate you are charged for these months will be proportional to the number of days of your rent. It will be calculated as follows: “number of days you rent the room * monthly rent / total days of the actual month’.



Payment methods

KI Housing provides several payment methods. The easiest way to pay your invoice is to pay it by card on your user account. If you do not have a card to pay with, we provide other payment methods as well. For information about how to pay, we refer to the information below.

Rent increases

The rent may be raised during the lease period due to increased costs and/or yearly rent increases from our landlords.

Bank and transfer charges

All bank or transfer charges are to be paid by the tenant. If KI Housing does not receive full payment as a result of deducted bank or transfer charges, the difference will be charged on the next rental invoice.

Rent reduction

The tenant will not receive a rent reduction for any period when the landlord carries out normal maintenance of the room/apartment/building, in connection with the extermination of pests or if the internet service is unstable or down.

Late payment

– Tenants who fail to pay in time will be charged a reminder fee of SEK 50.
– Tenants who repeatedly fail to observe the due dates will be given notice of termination of contract.


Online payment by card

How do I pay the rent by card?

You can pay your rental invoices by card on your user account.

Login to your user account and go to “Invoices” in the menu on the left hand side. Click on the invoice you want to pay from the list and go to “Pay invoice here”.

Status of the invoice on the user account

Before paying an invoice by card, the paid amount of the invoice will be zero.

Once you have paid an invoice by card, the “paid amount” in the details of the invoice will be changed to the amount that you have paid.

You will also receive a confirmation once your payment has been registered. A confirmation will also be sent to your email address as soon as the payment has been processed.



What card can I use?

VISA cards (debit and credit), Master cards (debit and credit) and Maestro cards are accepted by KI Housing. Note that ICA Banken and some other banks do not provide Maestro cards that are approved for online payments.

What do I have to check before making an online payment?

– Your card must be activated for online payments.
– Your card must be valid.
– Your card must not have any security limits or restrictions (including geographical restrictions) that will stop you from paying your rent online.
– You must have sufficient funds in the account before paying.
– If you have the 3-D Secure/ Verified by Visa service in place, you must make sure that your code verification works in Sweden. Contact the card issuer for further information.


Other payment methods

No payments in cash

Unfortunately, KI Housing does not accept any payments in cash. If you only have cash to pay with, you must go to a bank office to pay the invoice.

Important details when using our other payment methods

Please state the following information when using our other payment methods:

– The invoice number
– Your customer number

If this information is not written in the payment details, KI Housing will not be able to track your payment.

Payment method: Internet bank transfer

If you have an Internet bank account, you can make an online transaction. If you choose this payment method, you must make sure that:

– The payment must be made in SEK
– You have to pay to the bank giro number (stated in the invoice and below)
– If you have a foreign internet bank, the IBAN- and SWIFT/BIC numbers must be used (stated in the invoice and below)

Payment method: bank office in Sweden

Some Swedish bank offices accept payments in cash or by card. When making a payment at the bank, you have to pay a considerable fee for this service.

Make sure that you bring your ID and that you pay to the bank giro number stated in the invoice and below.

Payment method: bank office abroad

If you prefer to go to a bank office in your home country or elseswhere to make your payment, you must make sure that:

– The payment must be made in SEK
– The IBAN- and SWIFT/BIC numbers must be used (stated in the invoice and below)

Payment method: shops

You can choose to make your payment in some shops that provide the service “Kassagirot”. There are several shops in Stockholm and its suburbs that have this service. You will find a list of shops at this link.

The shops that give the service Kassagirot have certain regulations for how to handle transactions. The regulations may differ from shop to shop, so always check with the shop you choose what their specific regulations are. Normally you can only pay with a debit card, not with a credit card.

Note that you need to bring the invoice and a valid ID when paying.

KI Housing – transfer details

Payee: Karolinska Institutet Housing, SE-171 65 Solna

Bankgiro: 310-8065

When paying from abroad you must use the following codes:

IBAN: SE8350000000053851054601




Problems with paying?

If you encounter any problems when paying, we refer to the information written on our FAQ-page where we have gathered the most common frequently asked questions regarding rent and payments.

Page manager: Louise Richardson