As a tenant of KI Housing, you are expected to take good care of your apartment/room and its furniture, our common areas and the building. You are also expected to show respect to your neighbors and corridor mates. Below we have listed our rules and regulations that you as a tenant must follow and refer to.


All accommodation areas should be quiet between 22:00-07:00 on weekdays or between 22:00-08:00 on weekends and public holidays. There are to be no parties or gatherings that can disturb the neighbors in the surrounding corridors or buildings during this time.

Tenants are responsible for their own conduct as well as for their guests.


Smoking is not allowed in our rooms and apartments, nor in the common areas. Smoking is only allowed outdoors (ashtrays should be used). Any cost of restoring or cleaning the room from cigarette smell will be charged to the tenant.


Pets are not allowed in any of our accommodation areas.

Corridors, staircases and entrances

The tenant is not allowed to keep any personal items (such as bicycles, shoes, bottles, garbage bags etc.) outside the apartment/room in the common corridor. Objects must not either be blocking entrances or staircases. This is for fire safety reasons and according to Swedish law.

Keep the doors closed

Make sure that the front door closes behind you when you go in and out of the corridor and/or building to make it more difficult for burglars and uninvited guests to enter.


It is forbidden to flush down objects, which could block up the drains of the toilets or to empty cooking oil, coffee grounds, etc. in the kitchen sink.



In case of vermin infestation (bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, ants etcetera), tenants are obligated to contact KI Housing immediately.  Make sure you do not spread the vermin to any other room, by moving furniture, clothes or bed linen.

Pest control is free of charge and will not cost you anything.


Remember to close the windows when leaving your apartment/room in order to minimize the risk of burglaries and sudden rainfall that can cause water damage to the window or furnishings in the room.

Access admittance

The managing director or a deputy must be allowed to enter the apartment/room when on duty.

Broken light bulbs

Broken light bulbs are to be replaced by the tenant. New bulbs can be bought in any grocery shop. Bulbs that are already broken when you move in must be reported within two days after your arrival.

After departure

Objects left behind after a tenant’s departure will be disposed of.

Code of conduct

Everyone using our common areas is responsible for keeping them clean and leaving them in good order after use.

If you are staying in a student dorm with shared kitchen facilities, you must have the following things in mind when using the common kitchen:

• Leave the place as you want to find it yourself!
• If there are many tenants in the kitchen – make your food, clean after yourself and leave your space for the next tenant as fast as you can.
• Never take anyone else’s food without asking.


• If you have used the stove, oven or microwave – wipe off after use.
• Wash all dishes that you use and do not leave them lying in the sink or elsewhere.
• Do not leave any leftovers or junk lying in the sink because this could attract vermin like cockroaches.
• Clean up any spills and leftovers on tables and countertops etcetera.
• Clean your space in the fridge with soap and water occasionally.


All tenants are obligated to throw their own waste and to sort their garbage according to the guidelines. Follow the rules for the disposal of garbage for your area and leave your garbage in the respective containers.

Household garbage

Waste-bags with household waste must be securely tied so that they do not leak and cause a bad smell. They must not be placed in the stairwell but be placed in the assigned garbage room. Never put your household waste outside the container since it can attract rats and other vermin.


Glass bottles, paper and plastic are to be separated from the regular household waste and placed in the assigned containers. All accommodation areas have some sort of waste separation in order to minimize the negative effect on the environment.

For instructions about how to sort your garbage, see the waste separation guidelines below.

Waste separation guidelines

Household waste

In units for household/domestic waste you can throw waste that is generated in the household and what is left after you have separated your metal, plastic, cardboard, electrical, bulky and hazardous waste etcetera.

Metal packaging

In units for metal packaging you can throw emptied and dry metal packaging such as beverage cans, tin cans, aluminum trays and foil, bottle caps and lids.

Remember to rinse the packaging and squash it before throwing it.

Please note that you receive a refund at the grocery store for most types of drinking cans bought in Sweden.

Glass containers

In the units for glass containers you can throw recyclable glass containers like empty bottles and jars.

Please be extremely careful when throwing to avoid breaking the glass so that colored and uncolored glass can be separated when emptying the units.

Please do not throw any ceramics or porcelain items, light bulbs, fluorescent lights or mirrors in these containers.


In units for cardboard you can throw packaging that consists at least 50% of paper such as milk cartons, cereal boxes, pizza cartons, egg boxes and paper bags etcetera.

Please empty the box and fold it together before throwing it into the cardboard recycling unit.

Please make sure that you do not throw magazines and papers in this bin!

Paper, newspapers and magazines

Please make sure that you do not throw envelopes and post-it notes in this container. They must be put in the household garbage since the glue can destroy the paper machines when recycling the paper.

Plastic waste

In units for plastic waste you can throw plastic packaging such as plastic bottles, plastic trays and plastic bags etcetera.

Remember to rinse the packaging with cold water before throwing it!

Please note that you receive a refund at the grocery store for most types of drinking bottles bought in Sweden.

Bulky waste

Bulky waste is waste from your household that is left after you have separated everything. It can be items that are hazardous, that do not fit into the waste bag or for some other reason should not be put in the household waste for example furniture, books, ceramics and clothes etcetera.

Broken light bulbs

Broken light bulbs are to be replaced by the tenant. New bulbs can be bought in any grocery shop.

It is important that you do not throw your broken light bulbs in the regular household waste. There is usually a certain bin for broken light bulbs at the recycling station.


Please make sure that you do not throw batteries in the household waste since its content is hazardous. There is usually a certain bin for old batteries at the recycling station.


It is important that you do not throw any medicine into the household waste.

If you have some leftover medication, please bring it back to the pharmacist and they will take care of it.

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