A refundable deposit fee of SEK 2000 is added on your first rental invoice. You will find your invoices in our customer portal. Failure in leaving the accommodation in a satisfactory condition will result in our withholding part, or the total amount, of the deposit paid. SEK 500 per commenced work hour is charged.

When should I pay the deposit?

One to two weeks before the starting date of your contract, you will find your first rental invoice (that will include the refundable deposit) in the customer portal.  You will be notified by email that there is an invoice to pay in the customer portal.

The due date will be clearly stated in the invoice.

How can I pay the deposit?

The first rental invoice that includes the refundable deposit can be paid by card in our customer portal or by using some of our other payment methods.

For information about how to pay your invoices from KI Housing, please see this link.

I have not received a deposit invoice, why?

If the rent is paid by the home university or the department at KI, the tenant may not receive an invoice. An invoice is always addressed to the tenant personally, and if you have not received one, there is no deposit to be refunded.

What is the deposit for?

A final inspection of your apartment/room will be made after your departure.

If there should be any damage or cleaning problems in your apartment/room or any other outstanding fees, KI Housing will deduct those costs from the deposit after your departure.

The keys must also be returned to us on time on the day of departure. Otherwise, a part of your deposit will be withheld.



Deposit return

How do I get my deposit back?

If you have paid a deposit upon arrival, the deposit will be refunded to you after departure if the keys are returned on time and the final inspection is approved.

Please note that your deposit will not be returned automatically. You need to submit the online deposit reclaim form at this link within two months after the day of your departure.

When we have received the correct information (please see the alternatives below) your deposit will be returned within six weeks.

If you have not paid a deposit upon arrival, there is no deposit to be refunded. Please note that even if you have not paid any deposit you are still bound to the conditions in the departure information. If the cleaning instructions are not followed, you might be invoiced for the cost of cleaning or damages.

Ways of getting the deposit back

If you have paid the rent online via your user account: we can repay your deposit to the card that you used. If you do not specify what card you want to receive the refund to, we will refund it to the latest card you used.

– If you have used other ways of paying: we can repay the deposit to your bank account. The following information is needed for transfer to an account:

To bank accounts in Sweden:

– Name of account holder

– Bank account number

– Routing number (clearing number)

To bank accounts in EU member states:

– Name of account holder


– SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

To bank accounts in the rest of the world:

– Please check with your bank exactly what kind of information we need in order to make the transfer to your account as there is no standardized approach.

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