Covid-19 guidelines

KI Housing has an ongoing communication with Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Public Health Authority) and follow all guidelines provided. KI has compiled recommendations for students and staff regarding Covid-19 at this link. Note that all recommendations and guidelines may be updated on short notice.

Personal responsibility

You are obliged to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19. You should think about how you can avoid getting infected and how you can avoid infecting others. You should show consideration for your fellow human beings. This is especially important in relation to vulnerable persons.

In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you should:

1. Stay at home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.
2. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, or use hand sanitizer.
3. Stay up-to-date with any specific recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the regional medical officer.

Limit any new close contacts

You should limit your new close contacts by only mixing with the people whom you usually meet. For example, this can include the people you live together with or a small number of friends or people from outside your household.

If you meet people other than those in your smaller circle, you should avoid being in close proximity to one another, especially in confined spaces for extended periods of time.

Maintain your distance from others and avoid crowded settings

You should keep your distance from other people. It is especially important when spending a longer period of time with someone and when you are indoors.

You should avoid locations such as shops, shopping centres and public transport if they are crowded. If it’s possible, you should shop alone and should not stay in places such as shops for a longer time than it is necessary.

Get tested after arrival in Sweden

The Public Health Agency recommends people who enter Sweden to avoid close contacts and get tested for COVID-19.

The recommendations are to get tested as soon as possible after arriving in Sweden. Visit to find out where you can get tested in your area.

Self-isolate while waiting for your test and test results

While you are waiting for your test and the test results, you must assume that you are infected with COVID-19 – i.e., stay home, avoid close contact with others and maintain good hygiene.

More information

For more information, we refer to the website of the Public Health Agency:

General guidelines and regulations considering Covid-19
Recommendations for those travelling to Sweden from abroad
Covid-19 testing in Sweden



Guidelines for KI Housing tenants

General guidelines

– If you would start feeling symptoms that could be Covid-19 it is important that you book a test, and that you isolate yourself in accordance with the recommendations.

– All tenants are recommended to keep a good hand hygiene and to regularly wash their hands with soap and water (minimum 30 seconds).

– Clean common areas often. Daily cleaning (Monday-Friday) of the shared facilities is provided at Jägargatan and KI Residence Solna. In all other areas tenants are themselves responsible for cleaning.

– Maintain at least 2 metres distance between yourself and anyone

– Avoid touching your face.

Take care of each other!

We encourage you to communicate and help each other as much as possible. If you are staying in a student corridor where several tenants share kitchen, we ask you to wait if there are several tenants in the kitchen in order to minimize the risk of crowding.  If anyone in the corridor is feeling ill, a good suggestion might be to offer your help to go to the grocery store or cook in order to make it easier for the person(s) to isolate themselves.

FAQ regarding Covid-19

On our FAQ-page, we have gathered our answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Covid-19.

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