Below you can read some housing reviews from current and previous tenants.


Stayed in a dorm room at Jägargatan for three weeks

” I am Dr.Nakyonyi, an exchange teacher under the Linnaeus Palme program from Uganda. I used Karolinska Housing from 24th April when i arrived in Sweden to 15th May when i traveled back to my home country.

I stayed at Jagargatan 20 my room was J-1-043 (1 represents level 1). I had the perfect stay ever that up to now i wish i would visit again and enjoy this more. My room was well furnished, with good electrical supply and a comfortable bed. The wash rooms were always clean and the kitchen area too. The living room on the other hand offered an ambiance that was out of the ordinary in that i wanted to stay longer at my apartment/room. The codes and keys specific to the rooms and the doors to the different floors offered additional security to us, the tenants. The calm and background view of the Baltic sea is an unforgettable experience. The hospitality from my other tenants and love they showed me made me believe that the best place to stay when in Sweden should be with KI housing.

I loved every single detail of my stay.

Big up KI Housing!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

I really loved my stay.”

Dr. Nakyonyi, former tenant 

Stayed in an apartment at Jägargatan for three weeks

” The accommodation is good.

That is toilet/bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, table

room, wall paints, floors are in very good condition.

However the television is not functioning.


Robert, former tenant 

Stayed in a dorm room at Jägargatan for one year

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KI Residence Flemingsberg

Stayed in a studio in KI Residence Flemingsberg for a year

” I am living in Ki housing in Fleminsberg from June 2018 and I love it, there is 24 7 gym so close that during hard , cold , snowy winter ( sorry to remind you) saved me and open 24 hours.

There is a beautiful nature around that during spring and summer I do jogging and running. There are 2 grocery shops close by one ICA maxi which I like it most and can find anything that you need .

The apartment it self is so modern and clean and furnished . The recycle room is very clean and can sort everything.

There is a Café so close to my apartment that has very delicious Sushi with good price, there are 2 Espresso house close by.

The bus and train station are so close and in train station you can find different restaurants . With train is taking only 20min to Stockholm City and you can also go directly to Arland airport and Uppsala.

The apartments are in Alfred Nobels allé how fancy is that! To live in a area with the name of founder of the Nobel prize.”

Hoda, current tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared apartment in KI Residence Flemingsberg for six months

” KI Residence Flemingsberg is the best – it’s super new, well equipped and comes with all the amenities one might need during their stay here (including an awesome flatmate).

Flemingsberg campus is a bit removed from the action, but it just means one can focus on their work and friends more. ”

Ana, current tenant

Stayed in a studio in KI Residence Flemingsberg for nine months

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Stayed in a studio in Larsberg for eleven months

” Dear Team of the KI Housing, First I want to thank you for offering me a very nice apartment at Larsberg. Which is very close to the Lidingö Train station as well as Bus station and has a very big supermarket in front of the house which makes life easier.

The apartment is really nice and especially the new bathroom is wonderful. Even if it is a small apartment you have so many possiblities to store things.

All in all I am really happy to stay at the KI house for a while when I am looking for a new place to life in the meanwhile.”

Sina, current tenant

Stayed in a studio in Larsberg for almost seven months

”Lidingö is a peaceful and serene island close to bridges, water bodies, shopping malls and heart of Sweden, Stockholm.

I enjoyed biking, walking and staying here. Will always be close to my heart!”

Below is a poem about my stay:

Want to stay more,
Where sky is beautiful,
And water is pure.
Where surrounding is serene,
And drizzling drops touch my face.

Where trees are dancing,
Like a dancing peacock.
Where flora is covering,
the moist rock.

Where buildings look beautiful,
As the diamond in the neck of queen,
Where I can go deep in my thoughts,
Pure and clean.

Rita, former tenant


Stayed in a dorm room in Strix for five months

” I would want to take a chance to say THANK YOU!

I spent 5 incredible months in Strix where I had the chance to meet amazing people that I can now call friends!

I loved the view from my window and when I had ”problems” (a burnt lamp) I had almost an immediate reply.”

Iulia, former tenant

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