Below you can read some housing reviews from current and previous tenants.


Stayed in a dorm room at Jägargatan for three weeks

” I am Dr.Nakyonyi, an exchange teacher under the Linnaeus Palme program from Uganda. I used Karolinska Housing from 24th April when i arrived in Sweden to 15th May when i traveled back to my home country.

I stayed at Jagargatan 20 my room was J-1-043 (1 represents level 1). I had the perfect stay ever that up to now i wish i would visit again and enjoy this more. My room was well furnished, with good electrical supply and a comfortable bed. The wash rooms were always clean and the kitchen area too. The living room on the other hand offered an ambiance that was out of the ordinary in that i wanted to stay longer at my apartment/room. The codes and keys specific to the rooms and the doors to the different floors offered additional security to us, the tenants. The calm and background view of the Baltic sea is an unforgettable experience. The hospitality from my other tenants and love they showed me made me believe that the best place to stay when in Sweden should be with KI housing.

I loved every single detail of my stay.

Big up KI Housing!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

I really loved my stay.”

Dr. Nakyonyi, former tenant 

Stayed in an apartment at Jägargatan for three weeks

” The accommodation is good.

That is toilet/bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, table

room, wall paints, floors are in very good condition.

However the television is not functioning.


Robert, former tenant 

Stayed in a dorm room at Jägargatan for one year

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KI Residence Flemingsberg

Stayed in a studio in KI Residence Flemingsberg for a year

” I am living in Ki housing in Fleminsberg from June 2018 and I love it, there is 24 7 gym so close that during hard , cold , snowy winter ( sorry to remind you) saved me and open 24 hours.

There is a beautiful nature around that during spring and summer I do jogging and running. There are 2 grocery shops close by one ICA maxi which I like it most and can find anything that you need .

The apartment it self is so modern and clean and furnished . The recycle room is very clean and can sort everything.

There is a Café so close to my apartment that has very delicious Sushi with good price, there are 2 Espresso house close by.

The bus and train station are so close and in train station you can find different restaurants . With train is taking only 20min to Stockholm City and you can also go directly to Arland airport and Uppsala.

The apartments are in Alfred Nobels allé how fancy is that! To live in a area with the name of founder of the Nobel prize.”

Hoda, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared apartment in KI Residence Flemingsberg for six months

” KI Residence Flemingsberg is the best – it’s super new, well equipped and comes with all the amenities one might need during their stay here (including an awesome flatmate).

Flemingsberg campus is a bit removed from the action, but it just means one can focus on their work and friends more. ”

Ana, former tenant

Stayed in a studio in KI Residence Flemingsberg for nine months

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Stayed in a room in a shared apartment for four months

”Accommodation at Nobelus in Flemingsberg is amazingly located near the campus of the Karolinska Institutet.

The apartments are spacious with great facilities (I just love the kitchen!). Soundproofing between the rooms in the apartment is not ideal and requires mutual consideration of roommates.. The area is quiet and safe. The apartment is relatively cold even at the highest setting on the thermostat.

I appreciate the proximity of shops and the commuter train, which takes you to the center in 25 minutes. The KI Housing team is absolutely amazing and can solve any problem quickly and efficiently.”

Elena, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared apartment for four months

Dear KI Housing,

I’d like to write you, how I like staying with you.

First of all the location of Alfred Nobels allé is very convenient. It’s very close to clinic, shops, gym and also pendeltåg.

The apartment itself is soooo cozy. It feels like home and contains everything one can wish for.

Another thing that I appreciate is your service. Eddie is just great! If anything went wrong he fixed it immediately.

Thank you for letting me stay with you! ”

Barbora, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared apartment for three months


I would like to write a review of the KI housing. I really like staying in the apartments KI residence Flemingsberg (Alfred Nobels).

Love the location, the proximity to the KI campus, Pendel Tag and a lot of different supermarkets, so it’s easy to find what I need at the moment.

The apartments are spacious and nice equipped. I appreciate the kitchen equipment that is available, its really nice to cook here! And the new outdoor space with tables looks so good, hopefully will use it in the future. The washing machine doesn’t work properly, because the drying doesn’t work at all. And it’s cold in the apartment even with putting the thermostat at highest level. ”

Myroslava, former tenant

KI Residence Solna

Stayed in a room in a shared 2-bedroom apartment for nine months

” Dear KI housing,

Overall my stay in Stockholm has been great, and that has largely a part to do with staying at the KI Solna housing. I stayed in building 15, and was very happy with the amenities provided in the apartment.

Staying in these dorms during my internship stay was a great way to meet other students and interns, and improve my social life.

The only remark I have to say I was not super happy about was the fact I had to share the 2 bedroom apartment with a significantly older flatmate. I am 24 years old and my flatmate was nearly 40 years old, I just don’t think it’s very appropriate considering the age difference and different stages of lives we lead.

Luckily, my flatmate and I had an amicable and friendly flatmate relationship however I generally do think for the future it is best to group flatmates of similar age together as it would make the experience so much better.

Thank you for the great stay!”

Hajar, former tenant

Stayed in a studio with shared kitchen for nine months

” Many things are good with KI housing: new building and perfect location (just at Solna Campus) are some of them. But the best of living there has been the international and friendly environment with other tenants. Totally recommended!”

Marco, former tenant

Stayed in a studio apartment for one year


My name is Kasra and I am a resident at KI Housing.

Overall, the accommodation has been wonderful – perfect in size, resources provided, location, and even affordability relatively speaking.

I’m very grateful for the accommodation. It has helped me transition to life in Stockholm. Thank you so much.”

Kasra, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared 4-bedroom apartment for five months

”As an exchange student I couldn’t think of a better place for staying during my internship in KI. The 4-shared apartments are very big and well equipped, it’s all super new and modern. As for the common areas, they are perfect for socializing and making plans with other people.

The location is perfect for anyone going to the Solna Campus, which is less than 10 min walking from the residence.

I really loved my stay!”

Inés, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared 4-bedroom apartment for ten months

”In Autumn 2021 I started my Bachelor´s studies at KI and was very lucky to get accommodation for my first year in Stockholm from KI Housing. I stayed in a 4-shared apartment as a part of the first generation in the new KI Residence Solna.

With this accommodation being my first home since moving away from my family, it has set very high standards for my future accommodations. Moving to a new city and into a rented apartment without ever having seen it beforehand, I was mentally prepared for the worst. But what I got was a dream home with beautiful stylish furnishing, a perfect location near campus, and the best possible community of international students.

The apartment is modern and very well equipped, and throughout the stay, KI Housing was very open to our wishes and requests. For example, we received oven mitts and kitchen towels after asking for them, and in summer we were surprised with garden furniture and a barbeque outside. Besides the great equipment, my absolute favourite place in my room is the comfortable windowsill with a nice view over the neighbourhood.

In addition to the apartment, the Residence also has beautiful social spaces for gathering and meeting other people. The couches in the common area of my building have been a good place for me to study in quiet hours, and a convenient way to get to know other tenants in more busy hours. Especially since the foosball and ping pong tables surprised us one day, there are nearly always other people and the atmosphere in the house generally is very warm and friendly. From the first day on I have felt very welcomed, and I am sure that without this great accommodation, the process of feeling at home in Stockholm and making friends would have required much more time and effort.

Starting the studies in a new country can be really challenging, but thanks to the beautiful accommodation and my lovely housemates, I never felt left alone or lost. The stay in KI Housing was the best possible start in Stockholm I could have gotten, and I am very thankful for it.”

Linnea, former tenant

Stayed in a room in a shared 2-bedroom apartment for seven months

” Dear KI Housing Team,

thanks for giving us the chance to mention some feedback concerning your accommodations!

I’m living at Fogdevreten 15 in Solna, in the following I’d like to mention some points about what I definitely like and what I don’t like/could be improved.

Things I like a lot

Everything is fully equipped; you don’t need to worry about furniture or good kitchen equipment at all!
– Very modern and clean area, also a lot of light in your room so that you really can feel comfortable there
– Some possibilities for socializing
– Washing machines as well as tumble dryers and even more
– Everything is very convenient on the area
– The possibility to “select” between different types of accommodation (shared apartment, studio, …)
– Very good communication via email
– Super nice website, you can perfectly inform yourself before starting your journey to Stockholm
– Housing assistants (+ zoom meeting before the arrival to clarify some things)
– Location, very close to the city center and on the campus-site subsequently

Things I think could be improved

As children aren’t allowed to stay at KI Housing Solna, I really don’t get why we need to have children safety locks on all our cabinets/drawers in the kitchen – it’s very inconvenient
– No chance to get warm or even hot water from the sink steadily à it would be super nice if we could get at least warm water steadily without keep pushing the water tap to the very left all the time (e.g., for pans we’d like to clean be hand in the kitchen sink or when washing your face in the bathroom sink)
– Wardrobe organization – one site for clothe hooks would be enough, the 2nd site having some cabinet bases would be super nice!
– Instead of several candle-glasses, I’d love to see a mixer, or anything related to this in the kitchen

So, except some things mentioned above which could be improved in my opinion, I absolutely love to stay there and wouldn’t prefer to stay somewhere else in Stockholm! Well done 🙂 !”

Jana, former tenant


Stayed in a dorm room in Pax for two months

”At the kind attention of the KI Housing team,

I am Sofia and I am living in SSSB dormroom, in Pax, where I found a lot of gorgeous people with rules of cleaning and I have been enjoying this accommodation for a month.

I live in a spacious room and I love the big windows and the position for the light of the sun.

I found kind colleagues at Karolinska Institutet with which I visit the city and enjoy a lot of events Stockholm offers such as the culture night, bonfire at Skansen,

see the cherry blossoms flowering and we have plans to also enjoy the midsummer and the music festival in Grona Lund.

Thanks for your interest and the opportunity to be selected for a ticket to the cinema.”

Sofia, former tenant


Stayed in a dorm room in Strix for five months

” I would want to take a chance to say THANK YOU!

I spent 5 incredible months in Strix where I had the chance to meet amazing people that I can now call friends!

I loved the view from my window and when I had ”problems” (a burnt lamp) I had almost an immediate reply.”

Iulia, former tenant

Stayed in a dorm room in Strix for two months


I want to share my impressions About KI housing:

I have been in Stockholm since April 1st and I am enjoying the time very much. The city is really beautiful and I was made to feel very welcome. Overall I rate Stockholm with 9/10.

I live in strix which is a very cheap option of accommodation. The only pity is that not all the rooms are occupied and so you don’t meet many people. It would be better if one floor would be fully occupied before rooms are assigned on the next floor. In addition, the heating in my room does not warm properly, which made it extremely cold, especially in April. Although two mattresses are provided, they are very saggy and worn. In addition, it is extremely smelly in the bathroom, which also spreads the smell in the room, making the stay very unpleasant.

It would also be nice if the machine to book the washing machines was in English, as in an international dorm there are probably rather less Swedish people. Nevertheless, I’m glad I got a room in strix. Overall, I rate the stay at the Strix with 4/10.

Thank you!”

Constanze, former tenant

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