Office closed October 26 to October 30

Published 22 October, 2020


From Monday, October 26, to Thursday, October 29, the KI Housing office will be closed and only maintenance requests will be handled during this period. 

If you would have any maintenance issues during the period October 26 to October 29, we ask you to submit a maintenance request as usual at this link. 

On Friday, October 30, the office and maintenance service will be closed due to the celebration of All Saints Day. If you have any urgent maintenance matters when our maintenance service is closed, we refer to the information written at this link.

For other information, we refer to the information below:

Emails sent to when the office is closed will be read and answered when we reopen. The date when your email is sent will be noted.

Contract related questions
If you would have any contract related questions when our office is closed, we ask you to email and we will answer you when we reopen. However, the date when the email is sent will be noted. 

Problems with paying
If you have problems with paying the rent online, KI Housing provide other payment methods as well. For more information about our payment methods, we refer to the information at this link. A payment guide with instructions on how to pay can be downloaded at this link.

KI Housing wishes you a Happy Halloween and a good All Saints day!

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