Office closed July 6 to July 31

Published 23 June, 2020


From Monday, the 6th of July, to Friday, the 31st of July, the KI Housing office will be closed and only maintenance requests will be handled during this period. For other information, we refer to the information below:

Emails sent to KI Housing during this period (July 6-July 31) will be read and answered when we reopen. The date when your email is sent will be noted.

Deposit reclaim forms:
If you submit a deposit reclaim form during this period, your deposit reclaim will be processed within six weeks from the date it was submitted.

Problems with paying:
If you have problems with paying the rent online, KI Housing provide other payment methods as well. For more information about our payment methods, we refer to the information at this link. A payment guide with instructions on how to pay can be downloaded at this link.

Last minute offers:
Last minute offers due to late cancellations may come to be sent to applicants in queue order from the 3rd of August and onwards. We recommend all applicants to check their email and spam folders frequently to avoid missing an accommodation offer.

Maintenance issues:
If you would have any maintenance issues during this period, we ask you to submit a maintenance request at this link. Note that we still have special guidelines for our maintenance service due to the current corona virus pandemic. For further information, please see this link.

Contract related questions:
If you are staying with us and would have any questions or requests regarding contract changes we ask you to contact us before the end of June.

KI Housing wishes you a great summer and holiday season!

Page manager: Louise Richardson