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What actions does KI Housing take in order to reduce the risk for spreading the virus?

KI Housing has an ongoing communication with Folkhälsomyndigheten and follow all guidelines provided.

The current guidelines provided by Folkhälsomyndigheten are the following:

– All tenants are recommended to keep a good hand hygiene and to regularly wash their hands with soap and water (minimum 30 seconds). Soap and alcohol-based hand rub are provided in the KI Housing corridors at Jägargatan and Pax.
– Clean common areas often. Daily cleaning is provided at Jägargatan, where tenants share bathroom as well as kitchen. In all other areas tenants are themselves responsible for cleaning. To encourage regularly cleaning of the corridors, extra cleaning material has been provided in our student housing corridors (in our SSSB corridors, extra cleaning equipment has been provided by SSSB) as the recommendations provided are to keep the common areas as clean as possible.
– Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
– Avoid touching your face.

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