Where am I most likely to be offered housing?

It is generally easier to receive an offer for a room than an apartment.

However, if you are interested in a studio apartment, the area with the shortest queue is Larsberg, where we have many studios.

If you are a non-prioritized student, we recommend you to apply for our rooms at Jägargatan and KI Residence Flemingsberg.

The rooms at Strix and Pax are only offered to exchange students and fee-paying masters. 

How can I increase my chances of getting housing?

It is important that you have stated the information given at this link and that the information is correct when submitting the application. It is also important that you have uploaded your letter of acceptance/invitation; otherwise your application will not be processed.

When you apply, add as many accommodation areas as possible to your preference list to increase your chances of getting a housing offer. However, it is important that you have read all information about the accommodation areas so that you only add the alternatives to your preference list that you can afford and that you are willing to accept.

When do I have to apply to have a chance of receiving an apartment/studio offer?

If you only are interested in an apartment/studio (not a dorm room), we recommend you to apply for accommodation at least a couple of months before your requested moving-in date to have a chance of receiving an apartment offer. The sooner you can apply for housing, the bigger are your chances. We also recommend adding several apartment/studio alternatives to your preference list to increase your chances of receiving an offer. However, do not choose alternatives that you cannot afford.


When do I have to apply to be certain of receiving a room offer?

As our applicants ask for accommodation for a limited time and usually from a certain date, it is difficult to estimate when you have to apply for housing. In each case it depends on the availability of accommodation and the demand for accommodation during the specific period.

If the applicant comes through a central agreement or a certain exchange program, they may have priority. Other international students and researchers are offered the remaining rooms. The availability depends on the number of accepted priority students.

I am an exchange student/fee-paying master and would like to bring my partner. Can I get an apartment through KI Housing?

Exchange students and fee-paying masters are only prioritized for our dorm rooms and those are intended for single occupancy only. You can apply for an apartment but you will not have priority and you need to send us an email asking to add apartments as alternatives on your preference list.

I am an exchange student/fee-paying master. Can I be certain of receiving a room in the accommodation area I applied for?

As there are many exchange students/fee-paying masters coming, you cannot be certain to be offered a room in your first preferred area. Make sure to apply for several areas (Strix, Pax, Jägargatan and KI Residence Flemingsberg) to increase your chances.

What students have priority for accommodation at KI Housing?

Undergraduate exchange students and tuition fee-paying master students have priority to our rooms at Strix, Pax, KI Residence Flemingsberg and Jägargatan.

What is the difference between an exchange student and a free mover?

An exchange student comes to KI through a central bilateral exchange agreement, and has got an invitation letter from one of the international student coordinators at KI.  The name of the student, the name of the student coordinator at KI, that you are an exchange student and what courses you are participating in must be written in the acceptance letter. The exchange student is here during a limited amount of time (usually one or two semesters). The period of study must be written in the acceptance letter as well. Click here to see an example of an acceptance letter that exchange students receive.

Free movers are international students who organize their studies independently, without being a part of any exchange program. These students have applied for a course, a full program, or organized their internship or traineeship by themselves. These students do not receive the same invitation/acceptance letter as the exchange students.

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