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I must add a contact person at KI in my housing application. I do not know who my contact person is – how can I find out?

Who your contact person is depends on what kind of student/researcher you are:

Exchange students get an invitation letter from one of the student coordinators at KI and it is the name of the student coordinator that should be stated in the housing application.

Program students receive an admission letter from the University Admissions in Sweden first and after a while they are contacted by KI. Bachelor and Master students can find the contact details to their contact person at this link. If you have doubts regarding who your contact person is, please send an email to study-guidance@ki.se

Other students or researchers  can be invited by a supervisor or a member of the research team at KI for research, traineeships or studies at a department at KI. The name of this person should be stated in the application.

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