Due to corona virus restrictions, I am not sure if I can make it to Stockholm to move in when my contract with KI Housing begins. Can I postpone the starting date of my contract?

You cannot postpone the starting date of your contract. You need to contact KI Housing to cancel your contract and submit a new application to KI Housing when you know for sure what date you will be coming.

What actions does KI Housing take in order to reduce the risk for spreading the virus?

KI Housing has an ongoing communication with Folkhälsomyndigheten and follow all guidelines provided. Below you can read the guidelines for KI Housing tenants:

– If you would start feeling symptoms that could be Covid-19 it is important that you book a test, and that you isolate yourself in accordance with the recommendations.

– All tenants are recommended to keep a good hand hygiene and to regularly wash their hands with soap and water (minimum 30 seconds). Alcohol-based hand rub are provided in the KI Housing corridors at Jägargatan and Pax.

– Clean common areas often. Daily cleaning is provided at Jägargatan, where tenants share bathroom as well as kitchen. In all other areas tenants are themselves responsible for cleaning.

– Maintain at least 2 metres distance between yourself and anyone

– Avoid touching your face.

Take care of each other!

We encourage you to communicate and help each other as much as possible. If you are staying in a student corridor where several tenants share kitchen, we ask you to wait if there are several tenants in the kitchen in order to minimize the risk of crowding.  If anyone in the corridor is feeling ill, a good suggestion might be to offer your help to go to the grocery store or cook in order to make it easier for the person(s) to isolate themselves.

What can I as a corridor/flat mate do to help others?

KI Housing encourages you to help each other as much as possible as we believe that this is a time when we all have a reason to come together and help each other.

If anyone in the corridor is feeling ill, a good suggestion might be to offer your help to go to the grocery store or cook for example so that the tenant who is feeling ill can limit the visits in the common areas.


I am feeling unwell and might need medical assistance. How and where can I get it?

Call 1177 if your condition worsens greatly or if you develop breathing difficulties even at rest. A nurse will then guide you to the appropriate care at the appropriate place. Always call 112 for life threatening conditions.

The healthcare advice line 1177 is offered in English around the clock.

If you understand Swedish, we ask you to make the following self-test first before contacting 1177.

Almost all news are in Swedish, how can we get updated information about the corona virus situation in English?

KI Housing advise you to check the actual information on the website of Folkhälsomyndigheten and MSB. On their websites you will find official information from the authorities in English.

Will I get my deposit back after departure?

If you have paid a deposit upon arrival, the deposit will be refunded to you after departure if the keys are returned on time and the final inspection is approved.

Please note that your deposit will not be returned automatically. You need to submit the online deposit reclaim form at this link within two months after the day of your departure.

When we have received the correct information your deposit will be returned within one month.

For further information about the deposit return, we refer to the information at this link.

What needs to be done before I go home?

If you will be moving out on short notice, the tenant has the responsibility to clean the room/apartment and return the keys before departure.

We ask you to follow the checklist below:

1. Terminate your contract in the customer portal at this link.
2. Follow the departure instructions at this link.
3. Submit a deposit reclaim form at this link.
4. Even if your stay with us was shorter than expected, we ask you to answer our accommodation questionnaire to let us know what you think of our accommodation. Links to the accommodation questionnaires can be found at this link.

Will I be charged any penalty fee for cancelling the contract earlier due to the corona situation?

You will not be charged any penalty fee for cancelling the contract earlier.

The notice time for cancelling a contract during the time of lease is one month. For further information about our contract rules and rules for termination of a contract, we refer to the information at this link.

I need to go home earlier because of the current situation. Can I cancel my contract earlier?

Yes, you can cancel your contract earlier.

If you need/want to return home because of the current situation, we ask you to send an email to info@kihousing.se as soon as possible.

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