I am an Erasmus + student, do I have housing priority?

Erasmus + students who will be doing an internship at KI count as “free mover/internship students” and do not have priority for housing.

Erasmus exchange students who are studying at one of our partner universities that have exchange agreements with KI, have housing priority. These students are nominated by their home university for an exchange period at KI. To count as an exchange student, you should have received an invitation/acceptance letter from one of the international student coordinators (at KI). See an example of this letter here.

I must add a contact person at KI in my housing application. I do not know who my contact person is – how can I find it out?

Who your contact person is depends on what kind of student/researcher you are:

Exchange students get an invitation letter from one of the student coordinators at KI and it is the name of this student coordinator that should be stated in the housing application.

Program students receive an admission letter from the University Admissions in Sweden first and after a while they are contacted by KI. Bachelor and master students can find the contact details to their contact person at this link. You can also send an email to study-guidance@ki.se if you are not sure who your contact person is.

Other students or researchers are often invited by someone at KI to make a research, traineeship or study at a department at KI. The name of this person should be stated in the application.

I have been admitted to KI and want to apply for housing. What kind of acceptance letter should I submit?

The acceptance letter should confirm that you are admitted to KI and thus eligible to apply for accommodation from KI Housing. You can for example upload the Admission Letter or an invitation letter from your contact person at KI. At this link you can see the information that should be stated in this letter.

I will do a traineeship/internship at KI and have got an Erasmus scholarship. Should I apply as an exchange student or freemover/internship student?

You should apply as a freemover/internship student.

If you have been invited/accepted within an exchange or cooperation agreement in which KI prioritizes you for housing, this should be confirmed in your acceptance/invitation letter. All prioritized exchange students receive an invitation letter from an international student coordinator at KI. Click here to see an example of an acceptance letter that exchange students receive.

It says that the kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils. What is included?

All kitchens are equipped with pots, pans, plates, glasses, bowls, cups and cutlery etcetera.

What happens if I do not pay the rent on time?

Tenants who fail to pay in time will be contacted by email and be charged a reminder fee of SEK 50. Tenants who repeatedly fail to observe the due dates will be given notice of termination of contract.

How do I know that the payment has gone through when paying via my user account?

The status of the invoice on your user account will be “pending” until the payment has gone through all systems involved. The status of the invoice will finally change to “Complete” when we have received your payment. This procedure may take several days.

Why do I get the error message “order ID not unique” when paying through my user account?

If the payment is interrupted several times, the invoice might be blocked. Please send an email to your booking coordinator and we will unlock the invoice for you.

I tried to pay the invoice through my user account and got an error message saying that the payment was “cancelled by customer”. What does it mean?

This error message usually means that you have interrupted the payment yourself. It is important that you always finish the payment process once you have started it. Make sure that you choose “betala” (pay) and not “avbryt” (cancel) if the payment page is in Swedish.

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