How do I cancel my contract?

The tenant has a notice time of one month for cancelling a contract during the time of lease. This means that you are obliged to pay rent for one month from the day when your request for terminating your contract was sent. The request for terminating your contract has to be sent by email to Your termination/cancellation of contract is valid when you have got a confirmation from KI Housing by email stating that we have received your notice of termination/cancellation.

Why does my apartment have two different numbers?

The Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag, has decided that all housing units are to be listed in a national housing register. The apartment you live in has been given a new number in the housing register being developed by Lantmäteriet.

The ”old” system may still be the one used by the landlord and also by us, and therefore the numbers may differ in some of our accommodation areas. The correct number to give to the tax office is the four digit number that is written like (#xxxx) on your rental invoice.

Can I have guests staying in my room?

You can have over-night visitors in your room as long as it does not disturb other tenants. However, you are not allowed to have guests staying in your room on a regular basis.

If you are staying at Jägargatan, please note that you have to inform our service coordinator Helena if you will have an over-night visitor in your room.

If you are staying in a shared apartment in the area KI Residence Flemingsberg, you need to ask your neighbor whether it is fine to have an over-night visitor or not since the bathroom is shared.

I will be away for a couple of weeks, can I sub-let my room/apartment?

No, the tenant is not allowed to sublease the room/apartment. Failure in following this rule will result in termination of the contract.

Is it possible to extend my contract?

Request for an extension of a contract needs to be made by email to two calendar months before the end of the current contract. The maximum rental time is one year and unfortunately we cannot extend it any further. It is also not always possible to extend a contract up to the maximum rental time.

Am I allowed to share a dorm room with a partner or friend?

Our dorm rooms and single rooms are intended for single occupancy only and you are not allowed to share the room with anyone.

I have issues with receiving my VISA or residence permit, is it possible to postpone the starting date of my contract?

It is not possible to postpone the starting date of your contract due to delayed VISA and/or residence permit. There are two alternatives:

  1. You can keep your contract and pick up your keys later but you will have to pay rent from the starting date of your contract.
  2. You can choose to cancel your contract one month before the starting date of the contract (no charges will apply). If you cancel it less than one month before, you will have to pay rent for one month from the date when your request for terminating your contract was sent. If you wish to apply for accommodation from a later date, you will have to submit a new application on our website.
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