It says that the kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils. What is included?

All kitchens are equipped with pots, pans, plates, glasses, bowls, cups and cutlery etcetera.

Is there anything I should do once I have moved into my room/apartment?

An inspection of your room/apartment has been made before your arrival. Should you have any questions or complaints, we ask that you contact within two days of after your arrival.

If you have not subscribed for home insurance, you should do that immediately since you are fully responsible for your home. If anything is stolen from your room/apartment, or if any property is damaged or lost during your rental period, you are responsible for covering the repair or replacement costs. For more information about home insurance, please see this link.

I will arrive later than the starting date of my contract, is there anything I should do?

There is no problem for you to arrive later than the starting date of your contract but please send us an email and let us know that you will be delayed. The keys will be in the key box until you pick them up.

How do I pick up my keys?

Your keys are to be picked up from a coded key box and are usually available from 2 pm on the starting date of your contract. You will receive important arrival information with codes etcetera, 1-2 weeks before your arrival. If you have not received this information a few working days before your arrival date, please send an email to

For further information about the key pick up procedure etcetera, please see this link.

I will arrive before the starting date of my contract – can I get access to my room earlier?

There might be a chance for you to get access to your room earlier. Please send an email to your booking coordinator to see if your room is available earlier or not.

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