I will do a traineeship/internship at KI and have got an Erasmus scholarship. Should I apply as an exchange student or freemover/internship student?

You should apply as a freemover/internship student.

If you have been invited/accepted within an exchange or cooperation agreement in which KI prioritizes you for housing, this should be confirmed in your acceptance/invitation letter. All prioritized exchange students receive an invitation letter from an international student coordinator at KI. Click here to see an example of an acceptance letter that exchange students receive.

I cannot log into my user account, what to do?

If you remember your password but cannot log in – close your browser, wait a while and try to login again. If it does not work, try another browser. If it still does not work, please take a screen shot of the error message and send it to info@kihousing.se and we will try to help you.

If you have forgotten your password, reset it by clicking on the link “Forgotten your password?”(below the LOG IN-button) and an email with instructions will be sent to you.

When will my application be processed?

The availability of accommodation may change quickly as our tenants have two months’ notice to extend and terminate their contracts. Therefore, we start booking our apartments and rooms only two months ahead which means that you will be contacted no earlier than August, if you have applied for an apartment from October. Those who are offered accommodation are usually offered 8-4 weeks before their requested moving-in date.

I have submitted an application, but need to change something. Can I do it myself?

Unfortunately, you cannot do any changes to your application by yourself. Please send an email with the requested changes to info@kihousing.se and we will do them for you.

I have been in Sweden for more than three months, can I apply for accommodation at KI Housing?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply for accommodation at KI Housing if you have been in Sweden for more than three months since accommodation at KI Housing is intended to be a first place to stay when a researcher/student comes from abroad.

I am bringing my family, can I get a family apartment through KI Housing?

It may be difficult to be offered a family apartment, since KI Housing has few apartments that are bigger than a studio. If you do not get a housing offer for a family apartment from KI Housing, you can use our corporate agreements. For further information about those agreements, we refer to the information written at this link.

Where am I most likely to be offered housing?

It is generally easier to receive an offer for a dorm room than for an apartment.

The rooms at Strix and Pax are occupied by exchange students and fee paying masters. If you are a non-prioritized student, we recommend you to apply for accommodation both at Jägargatan and Vårbergsvägen to increase your chances of being offered housing. It is also good to add several bedroom types to the preference list – for example to apply for both dorm room ensuite and dorm room deluxe when applying for accommodation at Vårbergsvägen.

How can I increase my chances of getting housing?

It is important that you have stated the information given at this link and that the information is correct when submitting the application. It is also important that you have uploaded your letter of acceptance/invitation; otherwise your application will not be processed.

When you apply, add as many accommodation areas as possible to your preference list to increase your chances of getting a housing offer. However, it is important that you have read all information about the accommodation areas so that you only add the alternatives to your preference list that you can afford and that you are willing to accept.

When do I have to apply to have a chance of receiving an apartment/studio offer?

If you only are interested in an apartment (not a dorm room), we recommend you to apply for accommodation at least a couple of months before your requested moving-in date to have a chance of receiving an apartment offer. The sooner you can apply for housing, the bigger are your chances. We also recommend adding several apartment/studio alternatives to your preference list to increase your chances of receiving an offer. However, do not choose alternatives that you cannot afford.

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