Change of locks in Strix

Published 2 February, 2017

News, Strix

During the period February 13th until February 24th, the landlord SSSB will install a new electronic locking system in the property. All apartments, rooms, facilities and other areas will be affected by the change. The installation is expected to take 5-10 minutes in each room.

KI Housing has collected the new keys from the landlord and will hand them out to our tenants on Monday, the 6th of February. We will put the key in your mailbox, please make sure that you have received it.

If you are not at home at the time of installation the locksmith will unlock the door to your room in order to change the lock (they will have a master key). Please make sure that you always have the new key with you, whenever leaving your room at Strix, from February 13th and onwards, as we do not know which exact date your lock will be changed.

Please note that you should keep the Aptus-key.

The locks of the kitchen cabinets will be replaced with new padlock fittings, starting Monday, 6th of February. You have to get your own padlock to be able to lock your cabinet, these can be found in larger grocery shops and stores like Clas Ohlsson and Kjell & Company.

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