3 April 2020

Office closed during Easter Holidays

The KI Housing office is closed from Thursday, the 9th of April, until Monday, the 13th of April. If you have any maintenance issues...

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27 March 2020

How can we help each other during the coronavirus outbreak?

KI Housing encourages our tenants to help each other as much as possible as we believe that this is a time when we all...

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25 March 2020

Current rules for termination of a contract

Normally, the notice time is one month for cancelling a contract during the time of lease. Because of the current situation, KI Housing has...

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23 March 2020

FAQ about the corona situation

At the moment KI Housing receives a lot of emails with questions regarding the current corona situation. KI Housing has gathered some of the...

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19 March 2020

Guidelines for maintenance service considering Covid -19

The current Covid situation has an impact on our maintenance routines short term in order to take special care and to reduce the risk...

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16 March 2020

Information about the corona virus for KI Housing tenants

KI Housing takes the corona virus situation seriously and we follow all guidelines provided by KI and Folkhälsomyndigheten. This situation will have an impact...

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25 February 2020

Problems with online payments

On Tuesday, February 25, some tenants encountered issues when paying the rental invoices online. The reason was because the acquirer had communication problems. The...

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30 January 2020

Allocation result

All rooms and apartments have been booked mid-March. Last minute offers due to late cancellations may come to be sent to applicants in queue...

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18 December 2019

Office relocation

Next week, the KI Housing office will move to a new location. Instead of having our office on the 5th floor at Berzelius väg...

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