Other accommodation alternatives

KI Housing is unable to accommodate everyone who applies as the demand for housing in periods is very high. If you do not receive accommodation through KI Housing, you will have to find housing on your own. Below we have compiled some valuable advice for those who are searching for housing on their own.

Finding housing on the private market

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of affordable accommodation in Stockholm. Due to the lack of affordable accommodation it might be difficult to find suitable housing in Stockholm, especially in the beginning of the semesters when the Swedish students also are looking for housing. When you are searching for housing, it is important to start well in advance.

It is important that you plan for a temporary arrangement, such as a hostel or hotel, if you will arrive to Stockholm and have not found a permanent place to stay. There are several ways to find short term accommodation in Stockholm, see the section “temporary housing” below for links to websites providing temporary housing.

Remember that finding housing on the private market may be tedious and time consuming but almost everyone finds a place to stay after a while.

Housing guide

For useful information when searching for housing on the private market in Stockholm, you can download our housing guide at this link.

Initial things to have in mind

Safety: Although the majority of the rental advertisements are legal we recommend you to be cautious to avoid fraud. We advise you to visit the accommodation and sign the contract before paying any deposit or rent. We also recommend you to ask the landlord for his/her personal id when signing the contract to validate his/her information. At last but not least, you should only pay the deposit to a Swedish bank account.

Location: Stockholm is not so big and the public transportation works really well. It is very difficult to find housing close to the university and it is not unusual to commute for about one hour to go to work or school.

Rent: The average rent for a private room in a shared apartment is about SEK 4000 up to SEK 9000 a month depending on size and location (rooms in the city center are usually much more expensive than a room in the suburb). The rent for a studio is about SEK 6000 to SEK 14000 per month (also depending on size and location). Additional costs for electricity, internet or TV may be added or be included in the rent so remember to ask the landlord about that.

Long term accommmodation

Verified housing companies

– SSSB: Once you become a member of the Student Union, you should sign up for student housing with SSSB if you are planning to stay for more than a year. Their waiting list is quite long so you cannot expect to get housing during your first semester.

– Campus Roslagen: Campus Roslagen provides rooms and apartments in Norrtälje, north of Stockholm. The travel time is about one hour from Campus Roslagen to Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm, where you can take the subway or busses. Click here to find an apartment through them.

– Wenner-Gren Foundations: Wenner-Gren Foundations offer apartments to foreign guest researchers working in laboratories in Stockholm. Applications must be submitted either before arriving in Sweden or within six months after arrival. See this link for further information about their housing queue.

Private sublets for researchers/doctoral students at KI

On the website of KI you can find ads of available accommodation that are posted by private landlords who want to sublet their apartment to researchers and students at KI. The ads will be posted on this page for six weeks. Note that KI Housing takes no responsibility for ads that are posted on this page.

Would you like to sublet your apartment to a researcher/student at KI? Please send an email to the site manager of this page, Ulla Tunkara, at ulla.tunkara@ki.se.



Public housing queue

Bostadsförmedlingen i Stockholm is a marketplace for available housing units in the city of Stockholm and its suburbs. Click here to join their housing queue (please note that you must have a Swedish ID number to be on their waiting list).

Other private sublets

– Housing Anywhere: Housing Anywhere is a platform where you can search for a room in Stockholm. The rooms that are offered on their website are from verified students and landlords. Click here to sign up for free.

– Qasa: Qasa is a database where you can search for an apartment in Stockholm offered by private landlords. Their tool helps you to find the right home, sign a rental agreement and you will only have to pay for the rent that is stated in the listing. Click here to create an account for free.

– Akademisk kvart: Akademisk kvart is a platform hosted by SSCO (Stockholm Federation of Student Unions) where you can find private sublets. Click here to find housing on this platform for free.


Temporary housing

There are hundreds of hotel apartments and providers of short term accommodation in Stockholm. KI Housing has visited one or more of the apartments provided by the following hotel apartment providers:

Second home apartments

Furnished apartments of varying sizes for long and short stays. They provide apartments in Solna. The apartments in Solna is located within walking distance from the KI Campus in Solna.

KI Housing has an agreement with this mediator. Please note that you must state that you are working/studying at KI when booking an apartment. If you wish to book an apartment, please send an email to info@secondhomeapartments.se.

For pictures, please see their homepage.

Forenom Aparthotel

Forenom Aparthotel offers Hotel Apartments of varying sizes in Bromma. The travel time from this Apartment Hotel to the KI Campus in Solna is about 30 minutes.

KI Housing has an agreement with this mediator that gives you 10% when making a reservation. Please state that you are studying/working at KI when making the reservation.

For pictures and prices, please see their homepage.

Other alternatives for short stays


A site where you can rent apartments and rooms from local hosts. Click here to visit their booking site.


A site where you can find hostels in Stockholm. Click here to visit their booking site.




A booking site where you can find hotels and hostels in Stockholm. Click here to visit their booking site.


Another site where you can find hotels and hostels in Stockholm as well. Click here to visit their booking site.

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