Corporate agreements

KI Housing has agreements with two mediators of corporate apartments: Bostad Direkt, and Newstay. If you are eligible to apply for accommodation through KI Housing and we are unable to offer you accommodation in any of our areas, you can search for accommodation through these mediators.

Terms and conditions

This option is only available if you cannot be offered accommodation from KI Housing for the requested period. If you for example have been offered accommodation in any of our areas and decided to decline it, you are not eligible to use this agreement. You are also not allowed to use this agreement if you have been in Sweden for more than three months.

In order to apply for accommodation through these mediators, you must have applied for KI Housing accommodation for the specific period and uploaded an invitation/acceptance letter to your application.

Please note that KI Housing only signs one contract for each student/researcher upon arrival in Sweden. If you wish to change apartment during your time in Sweden, KI Housing will not sign a second rental contract for you.

About the agreements

With these agreements, the mediators are searching for suitable apartments, present them and arrange showings for you.

A sublease agreement between the mediator and KI Housing is signed when you have found a suitable apartment. A residential agreement between KI Housing and the tenant is also arranged since the tenant is fully responsible for the apartment. The rent and additional fees are to be paid by the tenant, directly to Bostad Direkt or Newstay depending on which mediator you have decided to sign a sublease agreement with.

Rent and location

The two mediators offer furnished and unfurnished apartments (only apartments, not rooms) of all sizes in central Stockholm and its suburbs.

The minimum rental time is normally three months. However, sometimes it is possible to sign a contract for less than 3 months. The maximum rental time is two years.

The rent range is about SEK 7 000 to 13 000 for a studio and SEK 11 000-16 000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment depending on size and location. When signing a contract for less than 6 months, VAT of 12% will be added.

Inquiry process

If you have not been offered accommodation from KI Housing and are interested in accommodation through Bostad Direkt or New Stay – please send an email to with the following information:

– Rental period (from … until …)
– What district you prefer
– Number of rooms and bedrooms
– Your name, email-address, phone number and contact details to your contact person (at KI)

The request should be made no earlier than one-two months before the date that you would like to start renting the apartment

Renting process


Once KI Housing has received your inquiry, we will send it directly to the requested mediator. Bostad Direkt or NewStay will respond by sending some suggestions of suitable apartments.

If you decide to proceed with one of the apartments, a viewing will be booked or a contract will be written directly.

During the time of lease, all maintenance matters and questions about the accommodation are to be addressed to the apartment mediator (Bostad Direkt or NewStay).

The tenant is fully responsible for following all terms and conditions written in the sublease agreement between KI Housing and the apartment mediator as well as the residential agreement between KI Housing and the tenant.

Please note that KI Housing does not take any responsibility for late cancellations that lead to additional costs or any other extra charges.

For further information about the renting process for each apartment mediator, please download the information leaflets below.

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