After applying

What happens after applying? How does the allocation procedure work? When are the offers sent? Below you can read about what will happen after you have submitted your housing application. You can also read about our priority order and how the allocation of available apartments/rooms works.

What happens after applying?

When you have registered and submitted an application, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application. This email is usually sent to you within 24 hours.

You can log into your user account any time to view your application.

The allocation process of available apartments/rooms starts 1-2 months before the requested date of arrival. If we are able to offer you accommodation, you will hear from us 1-2 months before your arrival date. Please note that we only contact those who we can offer accommodation. If we are not able to offer you accommodation, you will not get a personal notification about this.

For further information about the allocation procedure and offers of accommodation, we refer to the information below.


Allocation of accommodation

We are looking at the following information when processing applications:

– Purpose of visit
– The University you are coming from
– The program you are participating in (if any)
– Date of arrival and departure
– The alternatives you have added to your preference list
Letter of acceptance/invitation
– Application date

It is important that you have stated this information in your application and that the given information is correct, otherwise the application will not be processed.

Allocation procedure

Prioritized groups

KI Housing allocates all available accommodation in a priority order decided by Karolinska Institutet.

According to the directions from our board, our available rooms are primarily offered to:

– Master students paying a tuition fee to KI (master students from a non-EU country). KI Housing receives a list from the admission office with the names of all students who have paid the tuition fee. Accommodation offers from KI Housing will not be sent before KI has received your tuition fee payment.

– Undergraduate exchange students who are studying at one of our partner universities and have exchange agreements with KI. These students are nominated by their home university for an exchange period at KI. If you are an exchange student, you should have received an invitation/acceptance letter from one of our international student coordinators (at KI). See an example of this letter here.

– Students/researchers coming from a prioritized university or within a prioritized exchange program. KI Housing receives a list from KI with the names of all prioritized universities and programs.

Information update on application status

Due to a complex allocation model, it is not possible to give answers and individual updates on application status.






Allocation model – dorm rooms

All prioritized groups are offered housing first. When all prioritized students have been offered housing, the remaining rooms will be offered on a “first come, first served” basis. The applicant who has applied first for the specific allocation period will be offered a room first.

Note that the prioritized students are only prioritized for our rooms, not our apartments.

Allocation model – studios and apartments

All studios and apartments are offered in queue order on a “first come, first served” basis.

Our one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments are primarily offered to researchers coming with their family or partner.

Allocation result

Offers are sent at the earliest two months before the requested moving in date. This means that if you applied in March for an apartment from November, you would receive an offer no earlier than in the beginning of September.

Please note that we only contact applicants to whom we can offer housing. If we are not able to offer you accommodation, you will not get a personal notification about this.

Sometimes we contact applicants on very short notice if we get a sudden cancellation.



Offer of accommodation

Check your email frequently

Offers are sent by email and you must log in to your user account to accept the offer at the latest on the day before the offer expires.

It is your responsibility as an applicant to provide us with a current email address and that you also check your mail and junk mail frequently if the offer should get caught in the spam filter.

I was not offered my first preference – why?

We always check your preference list when booking and if you do not receive an offer for your first choices, it means that we are not able to offer you a room or an apartment in those areas.

If you are not interested in the accommodation alternative that has been offered to you, you can choose to be kept on the waiting list for accommodation that might become available in a certain area. Note that if you wish to be kept on the waiting list for accommodation in a certain area, you cannot keep the accommodation that has been offered to you in another area.

Expiry date of the offer

The last date for replying to the offer is given in the offer and it cannot be changed. For example, if the expiry date is November 30 you will have to respond to the offer at the latest on November 29 (by midnight).

Declining an accommodation offer

If you decline the offer, your application will be cancelled. The apartment/room that has been offered to you, will be offered to the next applicant once you have declined your offer.


What happens if I do not respond to the offer on time?

Failure to respond is seen as a “no” to the offer and your application will therefore also be cancelled.

The apartment/room that has been offered to you, will be offered to the next applicant once your offer has expired.

How do I accept an offer?

Login to your user account and view the offer. Read the term and conditions written in the contract. If you agree to the terms and conditions, you can tick in the boxes and sign the contract.

Note that once you have accepted an offer and signed a contract, you are obliged to follow the contract rules written at this link.

I have not received a housing offer – what can I do?

Applicants who do not receive a housing offer are placed on a waiting list in case of any late cancellations.

If the requested moving-in date has passed and you have not received an offer, you need to send an email to within one month to let us know if you are still interested. In this email, please state a new preferred date of moving in. Please note that you can only postpone your arrival date for maximum three months.

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