Letter of acceptance/invitation

All applicants have to upload an acceptance/invitation letter. Applications without any letter of acceptance/invitation will not be processed.

What information should be stated in the letter?

– The name of the student/researcher.
– The name of the contact person at Karolinska Institutet (e.g. student coordinator, professor etcetera).
– In which department you will be doing your studies/work.
– For what period you will be doing your studies/work.
– What the purpose of your visit is (e.g. PhD studies, internship, master thesis, research etcetera).

Form to fill in

If you have not received a letter of invitation/acceptance, you can ask your contact person at KI to fill in this form (download the form here), sign it and then upload it to your user account.

Students with housing priority

If you have been invited/accepted within an exchange or cooperation agreement in which KI prioritizes you for housing, this should be confirmed in your acceptance/invitation letter.

Invitation letters for exchange students

An exchange student has got an invitation letter from one of the international student coordinators at KI.  The name of the student, the name of the student coordinator at KI, that you are an exchange student and what courses you are participating in must be written in the acceptance letter.  The period of study must be written in the acceptance letter as well. Click here to see an example of an acceptance letter that exchange students receive.


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